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March 2, 2023

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In-home newborn photo session in Indianapolis

When it comes to scheduling your newborn’s very first photos, the options can probably seem overwhelming! There are so many talented newborn photographers in Indianapolis and there is definitely someone for everyone – it just depends on what you’re looking for! I often get questions from potential clients wondering if doing newborn photos in their home (as opposed to a photography studio) is going to work for their family. Spoiler alert…my answer is almost always YES. 😉 Read on for the biggest pros and cons to opting for an in-home newborn photo session!

In-home newborn photo session in Zionsville

In-home newborn photo session in Indianapolis

Pro: Newborn Photos at Home Help Siblings Feel at Ease

Siblings are already going through a huge adjustment welcoming a new little person into their lives. Sometimes it’s nice to keep the traveling and the transitions to an absolute minimum during those newborn days! It’s also so much easier for me to get on their level and help them warm up to me (and my camera) when they’re already comfortable and in their element. I usually start by asking about their favorite toys or dolls (I love helping them snap photos of their “babies” first!) and lots of siblings enjoy being the one to give me a tour of the house. When siblings feel confident and at ease, they are going to be SO much more likely to enjoy participating in photos. And you’ll be more likely to end up with those sweet sibling shots that absolutely make your heart explode!

Big sister holding newborn baby

Con: You Might Feel the Need to Clean

I totally get this one. I’m always super self-conscious about my space and am definitely that mom that runs around cleaning like a crazy woman in the ten minutes before any guests arrive! But when it comes to newborn photos, I PROMISE you that it does not matter. If it makes you feel more at ease and less stressed, then by all means give yourself the time to get things clean and organized before your session (or better yet, add a professional house cleaner to your baby registry or put your mother-in-law on the task as soon as she tells you “let me know if you need anything!”). 🙂 But seriously, I’ve walked in to houses that required me to move clutter just to enter a bedroom and houses that looked like they were just featured in a magazine – and based on their gallery of photos, you would NEVER know which was which. If your house is messy, please know that I will not be judging you even the tiniest bit. You just had a baby after all!! We can move any clutter or dust bunnies right out of the shot and focus on those close-up snuggly portraits (those are my fave anyway)!

Is an in-home newborn photo session right for you

Pro: You Can Include Your Fur Babies

In my house, pets are part of the family! If your fur babies are important to you (and they are mostly well-behaved), we can absolutely include them in some of your photos. I looove capturing a little chaos and humor in my images, and these often end up being some of my favorite shots from a session!

Why you need newborn photos at home

Con: Lighting Conditions Could Vary

One definite plus to studio newborn photography is the ability to control the light, temperature, and prop placement JUST perfectly. So if you dream of those flawless images of baby in a bucket or posed with themed props, I would point you toward a studio for sure. But that doesn’t mean your house has to be full of natural light to still provide plenty of opportunity for gorgeous images! All we really need is one good window to get a great variety of shots. I don’t bring props and studio lighting to in-home sessions, but will always come prepared with different natural-looking items to get you a variety of shots up against a window (e.g., a moses basket bassinet, a beanbag + furry backdrop, and even a big floor pouf you can all sit on if there is no furniture already close enough to a window). Will your photos be guaranteed to look super bright and airy if your home is darker? Probably not! But one of our goals with an in-home newborn session is to capture your life and your space during this season in a way that portrays it genuinely anyway! Here are some shots taken in darker homes on a gloomy day, using just ONE window for lighting.

Pro: No Traveling Required

If you’re anything like me postpartum, you’re finding any excuse possible to NOT load that sweet baby into a car seat (anyone else have car screamers? Just me??)! Not to mention that every time your family leaves your space, you risk exposing your littles to new germs and bacteria. There are already so many appointments and sibling activities to keep up with, why not limit the travel as much as possible? This might not be a big deal for some, but us homebodies know how great it feels to just not leave the house postpartum unless you have to!

Family snuggling newborn at home

Pro: YOUR Space Tells Your Story Best

Finally, the biggest benefit to doing newborn photos in your home is simply that it is YOURS. Your home tells your story in a way that a studio space simply never could. Your great grandma’s handmade quilt passed down to baby, your favorite cozy rocking chair, the nursery you spent months decorating, your 2-year-old’s beloved dinosaur collection – all of it is part of your family story. Little details and quirks about the people that welcomed this baby and the home she came home to…these are the authentic pieces of your life that I want you to be able to document and preserve forever. I promise you will be so glad you did.

In-home newborn photo session in Indianapolis

So there you have it – my totally biased advice on things to consider when planning for your baby’s photos! 😉 I hope that, regardless of the photography style that you choose, you end up with images that exude the love and joy and connection that fuels your growing family. If you think this could look like a cozy, playful in-home newborn photo session, I’d love to be the one to make it a reality for you! Learn more about the newborn photo session experience and reach out for booking info HERE!

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