Each moment during labor and birth is charged with so much emotion, and they are moments that grow hazy in your memory over time. Let's preserve your birth story through priceless, powerful photos you will cherish for years to come.


Birth story packages begin at $1499 and vary depending on your needs. As the entire process is such a personalized experience, I would love to have a phone conversation with you in order to learn about your family and go over the options with you! Payment plans are always available, and I would be happy to help you add birth photography to your universal baby registry. Due to the nature of birth and the demands of being on call, a nonrefundable deposit is due at booking and payment is due in full by 38 weeks when I officially go on call for your birth. All birth packages also include a prenatal meeting to discuss your preferences and your vision for your birth experience.

The birth photography experience can look just about however you envision it. As a certified birth doula, my experience in the labor and delivery room has equipped me with an understanding of the birthing process and has taught me how to provide support without getting in the way. I strive to honor the sacredness of your story, and will document your birth day quietly and unobtrusively.  

The birth of a child is often every bit as meaningful and life-changing as your wedding day, so why not document it just as beautifully? I will always believe that every type of birth is worth documenting, and I am so passionate about preserving that beauty through emotive imagery for families of every kind.

As a labor doula and as a mom, I can tell you that birth is not only beautiful, it is empowering. Birthing women are absolute rockstars. Regardless of how you birth--with an epidural, in an OR, unmedicated, in a birth center tub, at home in your living room--you are a rockstar. And sometimes, in the midst of raising that baby, you just need to be reminded of this fact. To go back and watch your birth film and be reminded of your strength and the love of your support people. To look through your birth story album and see the many photos of you bringing precious LIFE into the world! 








"We went back and forth for weeks on whether we wanted to invest in birth photos, and I am SO THANKFUL we decided to go for it. I cannot imagine not having these photos of us meeting our first baby. Mackenzie was such an incredible support to us throughout my long unmedicated labor and somehow still got the most beautiful photos of our day. I still cry whenever I watch our slideshow. Mackenzie has a gift and we are so grateful we found her!"
                                                                                                                                                           - Olivia K.

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Fill out the inquiry form linked at the bottom of this page to start the process (or even just to learn more)! You'll be able to request your due date from my availability calendar and fill out a short questionnaire telling me about your family and birth vision. I'll reach out within 48 hours to go over my investment guide with you and/or schedule an in-person consult!

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Obviously, birth photos are a bit unique in that we USUALLY cannot plan them down to the day! I do, however, completely commit 4 full weeks to your birth (gestational weeks 38-42) during which I keep my personal schedule very light, and do not take additional clients due during that timeframe. As a busy mom of littles myself, I avoid overbooking my birth calendar at all costs as I want to be able to give my birth clients 100%. For this reason, I will typically only take on 1 due date per 6-week period.  

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Can you actually believe your family is about to grow?! This is happening!! 

Even though I don't officially go "on call" for your birth until 38 weeks, I am absolutely available to you 24/7 from the moment you book to chat and answer any questions that pop up. 

Around your 30-week mark, we will meet in person for a prenatal visit (this can also coincide with your maternity photo session!). We will talk all things birth and make sure we're all on the same page regarding your vision and preferences. I'll leave you with a comprehensive "what to expect" guide, but hopefully I will feel more like a friend than a photographer by the end of our time together!

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It's about to get REAL. 

Since we will have talked all about when/how to best communicate with me during early labor (and your prep guide will reiterate this info as well), you won't be wondering when to contact me! Spoiler alert...the answer is ASAP. ;)

I'll keep in close contact with you/your partner throughout early labor, and will typically join you once active labor has begun. This looks a bit different for each mama, but generally that's the point in labor when you can no longer talk through a contraction! 

After baby is born, I'll remain with you for 1-2 hours to capture all the sweet bonding moments, footprints, and first latch.


Within 24 hours of your birth, I'll send you 3-4 highlight photos optimized for social media sharing.  Once I have finished editing your photos, you'll receive your shareable slideshow of images set to music followed by a link to download your high resolution files and order any heirloom photo products (hint - get that album, girl. You will be SO glad you did)!  

Birth films will be finished and delivered via private link within 4 weeks. Albums and/or story boxes will be hand-delivered by me within 4-6 weeks of your order date.

Ready to get started?! I can't wait to hear from you!     


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In order to learn more about your family and start creating a session AND end products that will serve you best, I'd love to first hear more about your vision! Tap "INQUIRE" below to fill out a quick questionnaire about your family and your needs, and request a specific date from those available on my calendar. After I receive your inquiry I will reach out within 48 hours (usually sooner) to go over my investment guide with you and answer all your questions before confirming your booking! If you have a specific question in the meantime, shoot me an email anytime at mackenziethadaphoto@gmail.com.


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